The Top 3 Tools I Use as a Digital Creative to Make Publishing Content Simple and Fun

In April of this year, I developed a new routine of publishing digital writing and content creation pretty consistently.

And since I’ve continued to grow in both my enjoyment and practice of creating content, I have a handful of tools I use over and over again. They have become part of my daily routine, and I recommend them to anyone and everyone — especially if you need simple and fun tools!

My 3 favorite content creation and publishing tools:

  1. Typeshare makes writing a more aesthetic process by turning your short-form writing into a uniquely branded graphic. It also allows you to publish your writing on various platforms with one click!

    By the way, this essay that you are reading was created and published on Typeshare to both my Twitter and Medium accounts. Cool, right!

  2. Canva helps me make pretty things 💃🏽 Landing pages, mock-ups, Instagram posts, logos, etc.

    It’s an intuitive desktop publishing software that allows you to do digital design with ease. And I love Canva’s templates!

  3. Payhip is where I host my course, digital products, and coaching (launching on August 29th) for free!

    As I am seeking to be profitable in my business endeavors, it helps to not have to pay anything upfront to have such a beautiful and functional platform.

If you end up using these tools, let me know what you think!

Also, what are your favorite tools you use as a content creator?

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