Today Is a New Day! It’s the Most Authentic I’ve Been In My Digital Creative Journey

Working & revamping some things in my business, while recovering from the beta launch of my Her C.E.O. Framework Course.

Among other things, I’m also…

1️⃣ Celebrating that my husband 💕 is supporting me 100% in multiplying & monetizing my God-given talents as an entrepreneur.

For so long, he didn’t understand — now he sees how my doing life-giving work as a digital creative entrepreneur is my calling!

2️⃣ Thanking God for giving me clarity, confidence, and purpose over the past week concerning my work.

I’ve embraced the journey ahead, which I expect to be both challenging and fruitful!

3️⃣ Growing as a person who understands that as I gain more clarity, confidence, and courage — “things” will change.

And sometimes it may feel like the result is rejection because other people:

• May not understand me
• Unfollow me & dislike me
• Assume things about me


I am committed to being authentically me. Showing up as my true self is one of my top values, so — take me or leave me. My brand will be changing a bit — again 🤣

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