Best Book On Doing Life-Giving Work Aligned With Your God-Given Purpose as a Missional Entrepreneur

There are a lot of books about building an online business — I’ve read most of them.

But the best book on building an online business I’ve found is Your Message Matters by Jonathan Milligan.

The reasons are because this book helps readers to:

▸ № 1: Believe Our Message

We all have something to share with the world — and by finding where a great need and your gift intersect you can create a life-giving business.

▸ № 2: Define Our Message

It’s what we’ve heard as a “niche” but Jonathan boils it all down to defining our purpose, people, and passion for our business.

▸ № 3: Market Our Message

This is the part that may take up most of our time as online business owners, especially in the beginning. Do it the right way by focusing on the right things.

▸ № 4: Live Our Message

My favorite part of the entire book was this because this is where Jonathan shares about sharing transformative messages with encouraging, educational, or empowering content.

📌 If you are at all interested in building a transformative online business that is life-giving to you and your audience, I can’t recommend Your Message Matters by Jonathan Milligan enough.

And if you’ve read it, do you agree? What other book would you recommend for beginners?

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