An Open Letter of Exhortation To Fellow Faith-Based Digital Creatives — And a Reminder to Myself Too

Dear Sister or Brother,

Do you believe God has called you to share a transformative message through your creative gifts as a:

• Digital Writer?
• Videographer?
• Course Creator?
• Digital designer?
• Or any other expression of digital expression?

“For such a time as this,” (Esther 4:14) you have the opportunity to multiply your talents as part of your creative stewardship — which honors God, who gave you them to you.

Your call to creative stewardship is to …

• Educate
• Inspire
• Investigate
• Entertain

… or in other words, to connect people with redemptive and transformative content in ways they wouldn’t typically expect.

So, as you create digital content to teach college students to save money…or the mom how to get her picky 3-year old to eat veggies…or the new Christian how to start reading the Bible for the first time…

Be willing to try new things and not being afraid when the results aren’t what you expected them to be at first (or ever). Take chances, knowing that if it doesn’t work out perfectly this time around, there will be another opportunity down the road — and likely one after that too.

As you continue to grow and create your digital content, let this letter be a reminder of why your work is so valuable.

👉🏽 Your transformative content, whether implicit or explicit, can help people see Christ’s life and love in you — and you’re also inspiring others around you to do the same.

Grace and peace,

Candice Zakariya
The Digital Ministry Creative

P.S. This letter was more for me than for you ❤️

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