Women of Faith Who Have Influenced Me In As a Digital Creative and Writer

As a consumer of life-changing content through 👩🏾‍💻 blogs, 📧 emails, 📹 videos, 📖 Bible studies, and 🌐 digital courses, I started to have a vision for how I could one day monetize my digital skills by creating transformative digital products and programs.

But I owe a lot of the progress I’ve made to the following women:

LeeAnn Fox | 🟣 Instagram: @kingdombloggers

As the founder of Kingdom Bloggers, LeeAnn has grown a faithful audience online and has given me opportunities to write faith-based content for her blog & newsletter. She has also allowed me to see up close and personal what having a faith-based blog and digital ministry can look like.

Kathy Widenhouse | 🔵 Twitter:@kwidenhouse

Kathy and I have never met, but I have admired her writing from afar for years now. She publishes writing for freelance and faith-based writers daily. It was through Kathy’s blog that I got interested in short-form writing and devotionals. I’m working through her “Devotionals That Stick” course right now.

Colleen Searcy | 🟣 Instagram: @colleen.searcy

I met Colleen when she was teaching at a women’s conference in 2019. She lives locally and we’ve had lunch and/or coffee a couple of times over the years. I’ve just appreciated the times she has prayed with me and offered wisdom as I’ve processed some difficult decisions in regard to my calling as a wife, mom, Bible study teacher, and writer.

These three women have taught me so much — and, just like they did with me, I hope to pass along my own learnings to the next person.

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