Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole Are Doing It Again — #Ship30for30 Writing Cohort

I just hopped aboard the August Ship 30 for 30 cohort from Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole.

It will be my second time participating in Ship 30 for 30 and I’m excited!

What’s Ship 30 for 30?

Ship 30 for 30 is a cohort-based course that has taught over 4,000 students the fundamentals of how to publish online.

Unlike some other courses concerning writing, you won’t merely watch but you will actively participate.

When I participated in the April cohort, I was able to…

▸ Create a digital library of 30 published writing pieces
▸ Build lifelong friendships with like-minded writers; and
▸ Realize the possibilities that are endless for digital content creators

…all in 30 days!

But the best part was that we got some awesome training about the mechanics of writing in the 21st century, where creating content in digital spaces can take us a long way.

I learned so much in April!

And because I want to continue to grow as a digital writer and content creator, I am doing it again with this awesome community!

Sounds like something you are looking for?

Join me & 500+ others to learn the fundamentals of digital writing as we learn and grow in our confidence as writers — publishing every day for 30 days in August.

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