Struggling With Content Ideas? How I Produced 45+ Days Worth of Posts Topics in Less Than an Hour

The thought of making writing a daily habit seemed impossible.

About a month ago, I only dreamed of writing consistently. I’m doing it now though! For 11 days (and counting), I’ve been creating and posting content every day on Twitter and most days on Medium.

I can’t lie. On some days, writing has felt like a chore.

But everything changed when I created over 45 writing topics in less than one hour!

Now, all I have to do each day is choose a topic and write. Whichever one seems to “fit” my mood for the day, I’ll go for it. I want to be excited—not stressed—about writing and I think my list may have solved that for me.

Want to know how to create your list? Here ya go…

  • Decide on 3 topics you want to write about.
  • Give each topic its own page to brainstorm.
  • For each topic page, write down 5 ideas for these categories:
    Instructional (“How To”)
    Inspirational (Stories + Testimonials)
    Investigative (Why Do Things Happen)

Here’s some examples for the topic “Helping new writer earn their first $1 as a freelance writer”…

  • Instructional ▸ How to Create Your Freelance Writer’s Portfolio This Weekend—and Without Spending a Dime
  • Inspirational ▸ Interview with Elna Cain: A Mom of Twins and Former Teacher’s Journey to a Six-Figure Freelance Writing Career
  • Investigative ▸ Why Are People Quitting Corporate Careers to Freelance in the Gig Economy? — And Is Leaving Your Job the Best Decision for You?

After doing this for all three broad topics, you will have 45 topics total.

I challenge you to try it out and see if you can do it in under an hour. Go ahead and set a timer I think you will be amazed at the creativity that will release in that time!

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