I Suffered From Burnout, Quit My Job, and I’m Waking Up Each Day With One Goal

It was the worst feeling I ever experienced!

Literally not being able to work, let alone get out of bed. Burnout was a long time coming for me. I communicated the best way I knew how to ask for help or change some of my responsibilities. Not just at work, but at home.

Being on the other side of it all — as difficult as it was — I now see it was a blessing in disguise.

My burnout forced me to take a look at what I was giving my time and energy to each day. My family was getting most of my time and attention each day. That wasn’t the problem. But the one area that I was dissatisfied with was my work.

Day in and day out, I was only doing “life-giving” about 25% of the time.

What is “life-giving” work?

Well, I define it as doing work that brings you and others joy. It blesses you and blesses others. It’s the outworking of doing work you were created to do by God.

What’s my life-giving work?

I believe my life-giving work is studying, writing, teaching, and encouraging others. I know…I’m an extroverted-nerd y’all 🤓

But if I could do these things all day, every day — that would be glorious! I’m actually thinking about going back to school for a second Masters. I really want to be a professional student but the way my funds are set up, it’s not happening.

But enough about me…

What’s your life-giving work?

Another way to put it can be…
▸ What problems do you enjoy solving?
▸ What could you do all day, even if you never get paid?
▸ What gifts, talents, and skills bless you and others when you execute them?

Maybe that’s your life-giving work. Do more of that!

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