The Goal That Means The Most To Me In Life Is This

If I had to pick, I have one big goal in life it would be…

To be authentic before God and people.

The reason this is my goal is because I’ve learned that it takes too much time, energy, and resources out of me to live life any other way.

I believe every person should be free to be who they were created to be because when you do, you have the space to choose to engage in:

▸ Life-giving relationships
▸ Life-giving service, and
▸ Life-giving work

Now, I certainly don’t think living authentically is the only goal that matters in life.

I also want to:

▸ Use my God-given gifts (i.e., teaching and encouragement) to serve my family and the world

▸ Raise our children to understand what’s most important in their lives; and

▸ Take care of my body with proper nutrition and fitness (working on it 🙂)

But above all else, the thing that means the most to me is living authentically.

If you have similar life aspirations, shoot me a message.

I’d love to connect!

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